We Were Designed to Be Athletes

The human body was perfectly designed to perform dynamic movements. The structural framework of the human body was created for survival in the environment in which we live and interact. Survival requires strength and endurance, which our musculature provides. Perceptual organs from the bottom of our feet to the top of the neck provide awareness of our body in relation to our surroundings. We are among the only animals with upright posture, the most intelligent posture of evolution.

The human body was designed to perform complex movements, to resist physical stressors, to run fast, and to stay grounded and balanced against gravity. We were designed to be athletes. If we were designed to be athletic why aren’t we? Why is modern day society sickly sedentary? Simply put, our lifestyle doesn’t require athleticism. Rather it promotes laziness.

Human posture is de-evolving at the speed of technology. We no longer need to walk to work, we have cars to drive us there. Why go outside to play a sport when you can simulate that experience from the comfort of your living room with a video game? A vast amount of occupations require little to no athletic movements whatsoever, so why prepare the body physically for a sedentary occupation?

Biologic sustainability has decreased due to this highly technologic world in which we live. The modern day perception of survival has much more to do with earning money than it does being athletic. We are designed to be athletic and yet we choose not to be.

To increase natural athleticism, focus first on aligning the postural framework of your body. The only exercises worth doing are those that work with the natural design of your body, not against it. Modern day human beings do many repetitively mindless motions throughout the day. To develop postural fitness, begin implementing more multidimensional movements into a workout plan to stimulate your body. Focus on activities that reverse gravity. Instead of doing trunk flexion abdominal exercises, do plank exercises to strengthen the deep core musculature and protect the lumbar spine.

Just because we are designed to be athletic, doesn’t mean you won’t experience discomfort or fatigue when starting a new workout plan. We were designed to move and yet most people have moved as little as possible throughout their life. Their posture has debilitated and needs to be aligned. When beginning a workout plan it will be a new stimulus to the body that has been trained to be sedentary. Don’t be discouraged at the beginning, as you develop postural fitness your ability to actualize your natural athlete will emerge.

We were designed to be athletes and to thrive in the environment in which we live. Reconnect with your natural athlete by building your postural fitness. Align the postural framework of your body first, then discover the health benefits of athleticism that you were designed to have.

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