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Ask yourself honestly. Are still doing old school rehabilitation techniques with your patients? Are you giving your patients exercise handouts that they are crumpling up as soon as they walk out the door?

Do you ever wonder if you could have improved correction results if you re-vamped the rehabilitation strategies in your office? Your intentions are good, but do you keep avoiding it because doing the same old thing is easier? Or maybe you don’t want to spend the money on expensive rehab equipment, or don’t have the space?

Docs, don’t be intimidated by implementing posture rehabilitation with your patients. The common misconceptions of postural rehabilitation are that rehab implementation requires a lot of extra money, time, space, and in some cases even more staff.

Well, if you are doing it the old way, then yes, it will drain your time, energy, money, and take up a lot of the space in your office.

Let’s face it, you know you would get better correction results if you focused on posture rehabilitation in addition to the care that you are already delivering. It’s obvious that patients need it. The postural decline of human society is more and more evident everyday.

What if I told you that you can get transformational results with your patients, without spending any extra time with them (because you are booked to capacity as it is), without buying any new bulky equipment that takes up space, and without making a huge initial investment? Would you do it?   

JBit Medpro

The answer is the JBit Medpro technology. The JBit was scientifically designed to strengthen the posterior chain musculature that holds your body upright, extended against gravity. It’s a revolutionary new device that has just hit the market. It’s literally brand new. MedPro Product & Box Shot

We all know that flexor dominant posture is a weak postural presentation interfering with the patient’s ability to function optimally. And yet, all of their habits promote flexor dominance. Whether they are sitting at a desk, driving in a car, or looking down at their phone, your patients are flexor dominant, all day, everyday.

One of the primary roles of the nervous system is to inhibit flexion. Flexion of the posture system is, absolutely, a neurologic lesion. It is a de-evolved position of lesser intelligence. As the head juts forward into anterior head carriage due to under development of the suboccipital muscles, the dominatnt Sternocleidomastoid flexor muscle pulls the occiput forward, narrowing the foramen magnum.

Now think about the large muscle groups of the body. We have the paraspinal musculature, the gluts, the pectorals and the quadriceps. These muscle groups all do two things; they create dynamic movement and are active in extension. Meaning, our bodies are designed to move with upright, extended posture, or anti-gravity posture.

However, what do most people look like? They look like this…

Backache. Young Afro-American man in shirt and tie touching his back holding another hand on his head and keeping eyes closed while sitting at his work place





Even though we are designed to do this…

man triathlon iron man athlete swimmers swimmingSociety is primarily flexor dominant due to a sedentary lifestyle. While sitting, your extensor muscles are inactive, and you are engaging your flexor muscles.

Did you know that Americans spend on average 13 hours per day sitting, and up to 8 hours per night sleeping! That is 21 hours of inactivity each day, 21 hours of flexor dominant posture!

Then of 31% of Americans who go to the gym regularly, many of them are still working their flexor muscles when they do crunches, or chest press, or how about being drawn forward into chest flexion while using a stationary bike.

This is a serious problem that our society is facing, and will continue to face in future generations if you don’t commit to the necessary paradigm shift. Patients need to be activating their posterior chain musculature every day, period. If not their health will weaken and movement will become more and more difficult and painful.

The American Posture Institute fully supports the JBit system to improve dynamic posture. While wearing the JBit, your patients are actively engaging their extensor muscle groups, to build postural fitness of the posterior chain. As the extensors are facilitated, anterior flexion is simultaneously being inhibited preventing postural collapse during dynamic movements. The headpiece translates the cervical spine posteriorly to strengthen weak cervical musculature, improving head posture during dynamic movements.

The neurologic system is being stimulated from increased proprioception. The patient actually feels what it is like to sustain proper posture. When the patient begins using the JBit, feedback loops are created of proper dynamic posture.

When the patient takes the JBit off, they commonly say they feel “light” or they feel “straighter.” The feedback loop of extensor posture that was created while wearing the JBit is still felt by the patient when they take it off. They continue walking with proper posture, building neuroplastic repetition of postural fitness.

Improved extensor posture, when considered from a public health perspective, will increase the biologic sustainability of future generations of the human race. This is not just a new piece of equipment to sell to your patients that renders varying results. This is a key factor in the correction of flexor posture, an epidemic associated with chronic pain, fatigue, disease, and even early mortality.

5 Reasons Why the JBit Medpro is a Win – Win

The utilization of the JBit during the dynamic phase of postural correction is a Win-Win. It is a win for your patients because they will be getting improved clinical results. And it’s a win for you because you are the source of results, meaning your patients are happy. Improved results, as we know, is the single most ethical way to grow your practice.

1) The JBit is new on the market, patients love having the most new age items to use. This makes them feel advanced. Remember, a lot of patients have already tried “everything” before coming to you. They don’t want old- school postural correction techniques they want modernized care.

2) Plus, the power of tangibility is very important to patients. When they come in for postural correction, they are buying an idea, the idea that at the end of the their treatment plan they will have better posture and health. When the patient receives a tangible item in addition to the idea of better health, it will feel more real to them and help them stay motivated longer. Tangible items bring an abstract idea to reality.

3) It keeps getting better. One of the best parts about the JBit is that patients can simply wear the device and walk from just 5 minutes in the initial stages to 30 minutes in later stages. The JBit holds their body in the proper position, reducing the amount of work the patient has to do, but increasing their results. Let’s be honest, what patient doesn’t want that?!

4) And, the JBit is safe for patients of all levels. Use of the JBit has been proven safe for the joints and articulations of the lower extremity. Research demonstrates that while the patient is wearing the JBit and walking, the balance of load between the lateral and medial condyles of the knee was more evenly balanced while using the JBit. This means that as patients are doing exercise to improve their postural fitness, they are protecting the integrity of their articulations to prevent the onset of osteoarthritis.

5) Patients like to feel immediate changes. This proves to them that what they are doing is correct, and that it works, it’s not some gimmick. When the patient takes the JBit off, they will feel completely different. They will instantly feel the pre and post effects, so they know that what they are doing is working.

When it comes to Postural correction strategies, we don’t want doctors to miss out on anything. We have been testing the product, our patients are happy and we know your patients will be happy too. We want you to be the Expert who introduces this new revolutionary device to your community.

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