Pre-Educated New Patients from Posture Workshops

Content marketing is the most effective way to attract pre-educated new patients to your practice. Content is king. By providing potential new patients with easily accessible information about what you do and how you do it, you are educating them before they ever step foot in your door.

The ability to distribute content via social media channels has made “connection” easier than ever before. Instead of old-school marketing that comes off as being “pushy,” experts say that content distribution is pull marketing. With pull marketing, you pull potential new patients to your clinic, instead of pushing them.

Valuable content draws patients to you, why? Because when you produce high value content, and make it available to the masses, you become the authority in your community. The members of your community view you as a prestigious authority, not a pushy salesman.

Take it one step further.

Content distribution- such as blog posts, social media campaigns, and YouTube video demonstrations are an excellent strategy to provide valuable content. Now take that content and create a live, in-person experience for your potential new patients.

What blog posts got the most amount of engagement? Did a particular subject you wrote about generate more questions or comments among your audience?

Take your most popular blog post and turn it into a Posture Workshop. Posture Workshops are live workshops held in your clinic where you invite the community to participate. In exchange for their participation, you will teach them valuable health information and provide them with actionable tips to improve their posture during their daily lives.

Don’t make this common mistake…

When many professionals hear “Posture Workshop” they think it is synonymous with a “Health Talk.” We don’t recommend doing a “talk.” Posture Workshops are an interactive experience. Your audience will be up and out of their seats, they will be engaged in the dialogue, and they will leave with action steps of how to improve their posture.

Talking at your patients is boring… no one wants to be lectured. Be different. “Pull” them into your paradigm by providing them an educational and entertaining experience that is relevant to their life and health goals.

When you invite potential new patients to come to your office for a Posture Workshop, you are welcoming them into your space, educating them of your expertise, and then giving them a deal they can’t pass up!

Structure your workshop to draw their attention to the health crisis of poor posture. Help them understand the importance of proper posture through demonstrations in which they actually “feel” optimal and weak posture. When they feel it, they connect with it. Once they understand posture, tap into their wellness journey by shedding light on the importance of proper posture during their daily lives.

Give them implementable action steps that they can use, and that will help their families have proper posture. After providing this high value of content, end your Posture Workshop with a deal that the potential patient can’t pass up. Invite them in for their yearly posture examination at a very affordable rate – if they sign up that night!

If they don’t take action, they miss the fast action bonus. This is not a moment to “pressure” them into doing a posture examination, rather an opportunity to take immediate action towards better health and longevity. Support them in taking action steps toward their health goals.

Let’s face it. Potential new patients would not come to your Posture Workshop if they weren’t curious, or had questions about how to improve their health with better posture. It is your responsibility to your community to provide high value in these instances.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t be!  At the American Posture Institute, these three Posture Workshops consistently have the highest conversion rates!  Try them in your practice:

Design Your Workspace
FIT Posture (for Athletes)
Posture Perfect Pregnancy

Posture Workshops are a sure bet for pulling in pre-educated new patients to your clinic! When you host them monthly, expect consistent and predictable practice growth.

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