The Six-Point Plan Renews Commitment to Providing Students and Alumni Elite Resources and Information 

Today, the American Posture Institute announced a new initiative that advances the group’s continued commitment to education and advancing leading posture and health information to benefit their students, followers, and alumni.

The “Excellence in Education” initiative is rooted in a six-point plan and the Institute will begin immediately executing against each priority. The plan includes:  

  • Establishing a Scientific Advisory Board 
  • Enrolling into a PhD Program with ongoing education in neurology
  • Initiating research projects in digital dementia and sitting disease  
  • Creating a new student research portal 
  • Pursuing CE & accreditation opportunities 
  • Charitable giving to schools

“Ensuring our students have access to the latest, most relevant information in the chiropractic and posture field is critically important, and ‘Excellence in Education’ delivers on that promise” said Dr. Krista Burns, Co-founder of the American Posture Institute. “Today’s announcement reaffirms our steadfast commitment to being the bridge between our students and some of the best educational programs in the world.”  

 “Ensuring our students have access to the latest, most relevant information in the chiropractic and posture field is critically important, and ‘Excellence in Education’ delivers on that promise.”

Excellence In Education Initiative

Each individual priority is outlined below. Additional information, including progress updates on the “Excellent in Education” initiative, will be provided on the Institute’s social media platforms in the days and weeks ahead.  

Establishing a Scientific Advisory Board

The American Posture Institute will immediately begin establishing a scientific Advisory Board. The purpose of this Board is to provide guidance, direction and oversight of current & new educational courses; research review and publications; research design; and new opportunities for growth in diverse areas.

Advisers will have specific areas of focus in the fields of research design and publication, neuroscience, ergonomics, pediatric development, public health, and technological innovations.

 API’s #1 core value is “Your Success Is Our Priority.”

API’s #1 core value is “Your Success Is Our Priority” and by adding this scientific advisory board, the Institute will be able to add more success and opportunities to our previous, current and future students. 

Enrolling into a PhD Program With Ongoing Education in Neurology

Dr. Krista Burns is enrolling into a new PhD program and will continue to increase her education in neurology. In addition to the completion of Dr. Krista’s Doctorate of Health Administration and Global Health Policy, she will also concurrently begin her new educational journey to complete a prestigious PhD program.

The American Posture Institutes second core value is “We Are Excited About Learning”. This shows true with Dr. Krista as she completes her second doctorate and has participated in many advanced certifications.

The American Posture Institutes second core value is “We Are Excited About Learning”.

She is already considered one of the “Most Certified Posture Experts on the planet”. Adding a third doctorate will make her one of the very few people to have accomplished this, and possibly the only female in the chiropractic industry to have this status.

The focus of this new PhD program will be directed at helping Dr. Krista and the American Posture Institute continue to lead the way in reversing postural decline. We are confident that with this new insight that we will be able to create more success through education for our students and the general population.

Strategic Advisory Board

Initiating New Research Projects

The American Posture Institute will begin a focus on providing research initiating immediately with two research projects.

  • The first will be a research analysis on Digital Dementia, and will provide the initial insight into future areas of focus on this health epidemic, and create an action plan to make this issue apart of the global dialogue.  
  • The second study will be a research analysis on sitting disease (sedentary posture) to find further areas of focus and exploration to begin devising plans on combating this issue. 

The American Posture Institute can help increase the success of our students and the general population by providing awareness through research of the importance of posture.

Creating a New Student Research Portal

The Institute will create a research portal providing students and alumni with a program to publish clinical case studies. API will be developing and implementing a quick and easy way for the community to publish clinical case studies about the work they are doing in their clinics.

By providing a quick and easy way to produce case studies, the American Posture Institute will dramatically increase the attention, awareness and scientific importance of the clinical work our students are doing every day.

Not only will this increase clinical confidence and competency for our students, but will also provide a platform for promotions and celebration, which can aid in producing an increased amount of success in practice. The immediate goal is to produce one hundred new case studies a month.

Virtual Summits and Accreditation Program

Pursuing CE & Accreditation Opportunities

The Institute will begin looking for accreditation opportunities for our program to provide CE and concurrent credit for a variety of advanced study programs with in the realm of health science.

The goal will be to provide our students with on going benefits by partnering with an accreditation body, which will dramatically increase the credibility of the powerful programs being produced by the American Posture Institute.

But more importantly, the Institute will provide our students with an opportunity for further gain through CE and advanced study programs.  

Charitable Giving To Schools

Children are developing poor posture habits in the school system due to sedentary posture and improper ergonomic equipment. Long-term effects may lead to Digital Dementia and Sitting Disease. For that reason, The American Posture Institute will be initiating charitable giving to school systems to support proper development of children within the classroom.

A portion of every certification sold will be used to fill classrooms with ergonomic equipment. Through this effort, we are living our purpose to combat Digital Dementia and Sitting Disease where it often begins.

We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead here at the American Posture Institute and for the increasing success of our students.

Charitable Giving To Schools

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