Generate a Steady Stream of New Patients with Professional Posture Packets

Are you searching for a new external marketing idea that will actually work to draw new patients to your office? Forget the gimmicks or the corny marketing schemes. Instead, focus on adding value, educating, and networking with professionals in your community.

Get more pre-educated new patients into your practice this month with this External Marketing Must Do.

With any marketing, whether it is internal or external, your focus should always be to add value to the lives of the people in which you are marketing to. When you make marketing campaigns about them, and focus on solving the problems that are hindering them from living the life they desire, they will be much more inclined to take positive notice to your marketing efforts. External marketing should always be targeted to a specific group of people, or a niche. The marketing campaign should specifically solve a problem that the niche is experiencing.

This is easily achievable with “Professional Posture Packets.” Professional Posture Packets are value filled packets of postural information that you send to professionals in your community. Again, the purpose of this external marketing is to give them value, gain a relationship with the professional, educate them, and then invite them to come to your office. This is by no means a hard sale.

The Professional Posture Packet will include information specific to the niche in which you are marketing to regarding the importance of posture and a healthy lifestyle. For example, if you select dentists as the niche that you will be sending the Professional Posture Packets to, all of the information will be directly targeted at helping dentists improve their posture at work.

What to include in the Professional Posture Packet:

  1. Letter of introduction of who you are and your expertise
    1. Be sure to personalize the letter with their name; be personable not generic 
  2. White paper with research specific to their profession demonstrating the need for better posture for increased productivity and professional longevity
  3. An exercise band (theraband)
  4. A DVD with examples of postural stretches utilizing the exercise band that the professionals and their staff can easily perform in their office
    1. You can also provide them with a printed manual of exercises
  5. Posture reminders (such as stickers or bracelets) that they can utilize in their office as a cue to have good posture while at work
  6. An invitation for them and their staff to come to your practice for a Posture Screen with Posture Imaging
    1. Include an expiration date to create urgency

Place all of the information in a folder with your practice’s logo and contact information, then send! Choose 20 professionals within that niche that you can send the packet to.

Then next month, send it to another 20 professionals in that same niche for ongoing external marketing. Once you have exhausted your resources in that niche select a different niche of professionals to target.

Although you can utilize the same letter of introduction, exercises, and invitation to your office, always keep the white paper report specific to the new target market. Don’t be generic, make it all about them and their needs.

For best implementation get your team involved! Ask your assistants and staff for recommendations of who to send the Professional Posture Packets to. Engage them in the process and celebrate the new patients obtained from this highly effective external marketing strategy.

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