The Posture Secret for Secretaries

“I can’t believe I didn’t know this 13 years ago, it’s so simple!” exclaimed Angela, the secretary and administrative assistant for a prestigious interior design magazine. “I can’t wait to publish this in our magazine, these are simple tricks every secretary needs to know!”

Angela has been suffering from neck pain for 3 years. She is an active 39-year old woman who boasts taking care of herself with a paleo diet, regular deep tissue massages, daily meditation, and advanced yoga classes three times per week. Angela is chic with a pleasant charm about her.

As the administrative assistant for an important magazine, Angela spends hours at her desk reviewing magazine submissions, scheduling appointments among all departments of the magazine hierarchy, and reviewing details for company events.

“Email is my life,” says Angela. “I am seated at my computer for 8 hours per day, plus I keep my cell phone glued to me and am constantly checking messages when outside of the office. In this industry there is always a message to respond to or request to be granted!”

Angela understands the value that her health brings to her career. She takes care of herself and is a health conscious individual. She has always been proactive with her health, and with the exception of neck pain, she has no other health complaints. Angela had been getting monthly massages to help with the neck pain. She always felt better after the massages, and much more “relaxed.” However, the neck pain always returned within 3 days or so.

It wasn’t until her neck pain became a daily occurrence with radiating pain down her right arm that she sought further healthcare advice. This is my “administrative magic hand” she said jokingly pointing to her right hand. “I can’t afford to have pain in my arm, I’m moving up the corporate ladder, and this arm is coming with me!”

After performing a complete posture analysis it was evident that Angela presented with head posture distortions that were affecting the alignment of her cervical spine causing symptoms associated with a cervical radiculopathy. She had pain and tingling in her arm with reported loss of grip strength. She could also visibly see that her right shoulder was higher than the left shoulder when looking in the mirror. She claimed that she felt fine in the mornings and after yoga class. However, the pain was always prevalent in the afternoons and evenings after sitting at her desk at work.

When Angela saw her posture images she completely understood the cause of her pain. “My posture is much worse than I thought,” she said with a disappointed sigh. Angela was desperate for an answer, so she was relieved to hear that a treatment plan of head posture structural restoration would improve her postural presentation and likely resolve her symptoms.

Angela now travels 1.5 hours from Milan each week for her head posture structural restoration care. She swears by it. “I work on the train,” she says, “the benefits of traveling for postural care far outweigh the consequences of doing nothing and letting it get worse!”

In addition to in-office postural correction treatments, Angela has transformed her workspace to support proper postural design while seated at her desk at work. As the administrative assistant at an interior design magazine she loved the concept of ergonomic design that is fashionable and functional. She took pride in her ergonomic setup and was inspired to feature an ergonomic office spread in the magazine.

After just 4 weeks of her recommended 12 weeks of structural restorative care, Angela is progressing very well. She feels great all day at work, and has the ability to focus completely on her occupational tasks instead of worrying about her neck and arm pain. She has fully embraced the importance of proper postural design as an important component for her career in interior design!

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