American Posture Institute Announces Collaboration With Posture Pro

The American Posture Institute is pleased to announce an official collaboration with Posture Pro, the premiere posture software for healthcare professionals.   Posture Pro has been the leader in clinical postural analysis and tracking for over 20 years. Their commitment to top tier analytics and customer service is what sets Posture Pro apart.

The mission of the American Posture Institute is to be the worlds leading professional resource for posture related information, products, and correction systems. To support this mission, the American Posture Institute offers the most intensive and comprehensive postural certification program for healthcare professionals, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to become Certified Posture Experts and to advance the field of posturology.

The American Posture Institute recommends all healthcare professionals specializing in posture implement professional Posture Imaging for accurate clinical analyses. The foundation of a successful practice is clinical precision, having software you can trust instills certainty in your clinical decision-making and recommendations for postural correction strategies.

Together, the American Posture Institute and Posture Pro are providing Posture Experts with all the tools they need to have a successful posture practice.

For more information on the American Posture Institute visit our site here: .  To learn more information on how you can implement objective posture analysis using the top ranked Posture Pro software Click Here.

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